May is Stroke Awareness Month

Every May the staff at Brooks turns its attention to focus on Stroke Awareness Month.

To honor the courageous journey of our patients, Brooks selects a small group of stroke survivors each year to recognize for the achievements they have made. We are proud to introduce to you our Faces of Stroke for 2015.

 WILBUR FLOYD - Wilbur dedicated his life to saving other people. However, this former firefighter/paramedic wasn’t prepared when his life was on the line. Although he knew the signs of stroke, he didn’t recognize them in himself. He’s now recovering and has discovered a new way to help others by serving as a mentor to fellow stroke survivors.

 SHAUNA HICKSShauna finally had her dream job as a Cross-Fit trainer. Despite being in excellent physical shape, this former Miss Atlanta Bodybuilder had a stroke while driving and hit the vehicle in front of her. Luckily, Shauna thrives on hard work and physical training. She is utilizing that passion in her recovery.

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